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Mobile Phone deals

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If you're eyeing one of the latest top-notch phones but can't afford to pay the full price upfront, a pay-monthly contract might be the solution you need. With this option, you make a single hassle-free payment each month, covering the cost of the phone along with an allowance of minutes, texts, and data. Whether you're searching for an affordable pay-monthly phone to manage your expenses or craving the latest model from leading brands, there's a perfect fit for everyone. Compare pay-monthly phones to discover the ideal contract phone for your needs.

Best Mobile Phone deals

DealTree offers assistance in comparing thousands of offers, ranging from pay monthly smartphone contracts to SIM-only deals, ensuring you find the perfect package to suit your needs. Our platform simplifies the process of comparing mobile prices, providing quick and easy access to a comprehensive database featuring top brands and networks such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, O2, Vodafone, Sky Mobile, Three and more. Explore great deals on mobile phone contracts and stay updated with information on the latest devices, assisting you in making informed decisions about when to upgrade.

Contract Phones

The good thing about pay-monthly deals, unlike SIM-free or Pay As You Go options, is that you can snag one of the latest phones without paying the full price upfront. At DealTree, we've got all the best handsets, including the newest Samsung, Google, and Apple iPhone pay-monthly deals. With pay-monthly contracts, your new phone's cost is spread out over monthly payments, which also cover your minutes, texts, and data.

Typically, this plan lasts for 24 months but you can select different contract lengths. While some deals might need an upfront fee, it's way less than buying the phone outright, and the more you pay upfront, the cheaper your monthly payment should be. Plus, many of our pay-monthly phones come with freebies and treats, especially for brand new models. Check out our latest phone deals with gifts today!

SIM only deals

Choosing a SIM only deal means you can enjoy data, call, and text packages without the need to buy a new phone, which is great if you're happy with your current one. Since you're not paying for a handset, these plans come at a much lower cost compared to monthly contracts. Unlike contracts, SIM only plans don't lock you in for the long term. You can often switch or cancel after just 30 days.

Plus, there's no need for extensive credit checks, making it a quick and hassle-free option. Switching to a SIM only plan can save you money, especially compared to pay monthly plans. You get to keep your current phone without being stuck with the same rates once your contract ends. Our tool lets you compare SIM only contracts across the market with networks like iD Mobile, GiffGaff, Smarty Mobile, VOXI, Lebara, O2, Vodafone, Lyca Mobile and more, so you can find the right deal to suit you.

Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are a smart choice when you want an upgrade on a budget. They're not just used phones; they're tested, repaired, and cleaned before being sold at a discounted price—often much cheaper than new ones. Refurbished deals offer great value, as they're thoroughly checked by manufacturers and come with wiped memory and a warranty. Plus, you get consumer rights if it's not as described. And it's not just about saving money—it's also good for the environment, giving new life to recycled devices, which is something we can definitely get behind! And don't forget, when you compare refurbished phone deals with DealTree we plant a tree for every order made via our site, giving that extra environmental benefit!

Do I have to pass a credit check for a monthly phone contract?

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Getting a new phone contract may not seem the same as getting a credit card, for example, but it does require a credit check. Providers do these checks to make sure you can handle your payment responsibilities. If your credit check isn't up to par, they may deny you the contract, which can be quite surprising. SIM only deals can be easier to obtain due to the fact you're not purchasing a handset a the payments ar lower. Similarly, putting a larger upfront cost down means your monthly amount will be smaller.  

Do I have to pay an upfront cost for a contract phone?

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Generally yes, a pay-monthly phone contract will mean an upfront payment cost. The vary considerably though between provider and handset and you can compare the deals that are within the deposit amount you'd like to pay using our tool. Also, if you are looking for phone deals with no upfront cost then we have made that easy for you by picking them out!

How does DealTree make money?

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We operate a free-to-use comparison site to help you find the best deals across the market for your needs. As a user of the website there is no cost to you, but we may make a commission from any purchases made via our platform. This is how we maintain a free comparison tool service for users. We also plant a tree for every order via the site, and pledge at least 1% of our sales to positive climate causes through our 1% for the Planet Membership.