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VOXI mobile deals
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VOXI Plans

VOXI piggy back onto Vodafone's mobile network, which means you get a solid 98% 4G coverage across the UK with all their plans. Plus, they're expanding 5G availability in more and more spots across the country. VOXI also offers a European Roaming Pass, allowing you to utilise your plan's data or a 20GB fair usage data limit (whichever is lower), while also enjoying unlimited calls and texts.

VOXI offers a bundle of perks for its customers. Enjoy Unlimited Social Media and Video streaming without using your data. Plus, there's Unlimited Flexibility to tweak your plan anytime, alongside Unlimited Calls & Texts. Additionally, VOXI Drop provides monthly rewards ranging from food to entertainment.


VOXI's SIM only rolling 30-day contracts offer easy plan switching flexibility, and no credit check is required. All plans include access to the 5G network, assuming your phone handset is 5G enabled. Customers get unlimited data for social media apps, as well as unlimited calls and texts. You can compare the deals using the tool above, or alongside other networks with our SIM only comparison tool.

VOXI Phones

VOXI offer contract phone deals, meaning you can get a new or refurbished phone alongside your data plan. The plans are offered with zero upfront cost and all the handsets come unlocked so, should you move to a different network, there will be no issues. You can compare handset deals using the tool above, or compare against the rest of the market with our new phone or dedicated refurbished handset comparison tools.

VOXI Customer Service

Currently there is no publicly available direct phone number but you contact them via the website.

What network does VOXI use?

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VOXI operates using the Vodafone mobile network, giving solid 4G coverage and an ever expanding 5G network as well.

Who owns VOXI?

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VOXI is a brand owned by Vodafone, which is why it utilises the underlying Vodafone network.