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3 Mobile

Three is super popular for a reason – they're all about giving you the best data connections. Even after over 20 years in the game, they're still killing it. Named by Ookla as 2023's fastest 5G network in the UK, Three also has 99% coverage of the UK population with their 4G network. Additionally, 3 Mobile offer truly unlimited data, with no data or speed caps.

Three SIM only

3 offers a variety of data plans on a great network, with 5G access included as standard. You can compare Three SIM only deals by selecting in the comparison tool above, or as part of our complete SIM only comparison tool against other network offerings. SMARTY Mobile and iD Mobile offers may be of particular interest if you're set on the Three network for coverage or reliability reasons, as they both piggy back on the network.

3 Phone Deals

When you sign up for a Three phone contract you can select your desired data allowance, ranging from a modest 1GB per month for light usage to truly unlimited data. All plans come with unlimited calls and texts, plus 5G is included as standard and the coverage is good. Keep in mind, there's not much wiggle room—contracts are fixed at 24 months, and plans have set upfront costs.

3 Mobile Customer Service

Three Mobile customer service contact number: 0333 338 1001
or call 333 if you currently have a Three phone.

Is Three a good mobile phone network?

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As always, this depends what you're looking for. Three is an industry veteran with a solid 4G and 5G network. 3's truly unlimited data offering also holds appeal for those that consume large amounts of data every month. Flexibility of contract length is one limitation, so if your priority is a short-term deal with flexibility to move around or change contract, then you will definitely want to consider other options.

Does 3 offer broadband as well?

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Yes, and you can compare Three mobile broadband deals using our dedicated tool as well.