Vodafone Broadband Deals

Vodafone Broadband Deals
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Vodafone Broadband Deals

Vodafone, one of the United Kingdom's foremost telecommunications providers, has been a pioneer in mobile communication since its historic first mobile phone call in 1985. With a customer base exceeding 440 million across 27 countries, including 19.5 million in the UK, Vodafone ranks among the nation's top four mobile operators.

In recent years, Vodafone's home broadband services have gained widespread popularity. The company offers a diverse range of competitively priced superfast and ultrafast fiber broadband packages, giving customers an extensive selection of internet speed options to choose from.

Vodafone sweetens the deal by offering discounts to customers who combine a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile contract with a broadband package. This enticing offer encourages users to explore the convenience of a bundled broadband and mobile package.

Vodafone Broadband Contact Number

191 from your Vodafone mobile while you’re in the UK.
0333 304 0191 from a landline or other mobile (standard charges apply).
0044 7836 191 191 from your Vodafone mobile when you’re abroad (free from a Vodafone mobile).

How good is Vodafone broadband?

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Vodafone broadband deals offer powerful WiFi that intelligently optimizes your connection for maximum speed and reliability across all your devices. With no setup fees and the inclusion of a landline across all plans, you get seamless connectivity without any hidden costs.

Vodafone also provide unlimited broadband usage across all plans, ensuring you never have to worry about data caps. Plus, you can take control of your internet experience with the Vodafone Broadband mobile app, simplifying the management of your online connectivity.

How does Vodafone broadband work?

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Vodafone's Superfast broadband employs a two-step data transmission process. Initially, a copper cable routes the data to the nearby street-side wiring cabinet, which caters to your location and several neighboring residences. Subsequently, a fiber optic cable takes charge, swiftly transporting the data to the local exchange. This technological approach is often referred to as Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC).

Vodafone's Gigafast Full Fibre Broadband ensures an unbroken fiber optic connection from your local exchange to your residence, earning its title as 'full fibre' or Fibre-To-The-Home/Premises (FTTH/P). This seamless, end-to-end fiber connection delivers significantly faster speeds, notably enhancing upload capabilities. This is particularly crucial for tasks such as remote work and backing up data to cloud storage solutions.

How much is Vodafone broadband?

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The cost of Vodafone broadband deals depends on the plan that you sign up for, whether it's standard broadband or the Pro packages. Generally, as you would expect, the faster the download speed provided the greater the monthly cost.

A benefit of Vodafone broadband is that all packages, no matter the monthly cost, come with unlimited usage. You can use our comparison tool to see what plans are available at your postcode and compare the current prices.

Who does Vodafone use for broadband?

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Vodafone are a fibre-only provider, no longer offering a standard ADSL connection. In an effort to extend Full Fibre accessibility to more households than any other provider, Vodafone has forged an innovative partnership with both CityFibre and BT's Openreach.

The collaboration, announced in November 2021, solidifies Vodafone's position as CityFibre's primary customer, encompassing substantial, long-term commitments within CityFibre's comprehensive roll-out, integral to its £4 billion investment initiative.

How to cancel Vodafone broadband?

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If your Vodafone plan ends or you stop your Direct Debit, your contract won't automatically end. Instead, you'll keep going on a rolling contract, and you'll still be charged at your usual monthly rate.

To cancel broadband you will need to call Vodafone customer services on 0333 304 0191. The phone lines are open seven days a week, 08.00-20.00.