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italk Broadband

Hailing from Brighton, the company started in 2007 (coincidentally, the same year the first iPhone was announced!). Over the years, it's expanded its reach to customers throughout the UK. talks focus is to provide good quality broadband at a good price, and keep things simple.

italk broadband speed

italk offers various broadband speed options:

Simple Broadband: 10Mb download, 1Mb upload. Basic, good for light browsing, but not recommended unless you're on a tight budget.
Fast Fibre: 35Mb download, 9Mb upload. Decent for a few users sharing the connection. The minimum speed required generally for modern homes.
Superfast Fibre: 40Mb/80Mb/63Mb download, 19Mb upload. Great for larger households and heavier internet use like gaming or HD streaming.
Full Fibre (FTTP): speeds up to 220Mb. Great for downloading Ultra HD movies, reliable gaming, streaming across multiple devices at once.

italk review

italk's customers enjoy outstanding customer service, a commitment to fixed pricing, and transparent billing without any hidden fees. However, it's worth noting that italk isn't positioned as a budget provider, and there's room for improvement when it comes to its Wi-Fi router.

italk customer service

italk provides customer support from a team based in the UK. You can reach them through various channels such as Live Chat, phone, or email.

italk contact number

Customer services can be contacted on 0330 1915 249

Can I get italk broadband?

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italk cover lots of areas I the UK so it is likely. You can use our postcode checker on the comparison tool to see what's available where you live.