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Fibrus Broadband

Fibrus Networks Ltd is revolutionising rural and regional digital infrastructure in the UK with a £500m investment, delivering full-fibre broadband to homes and businesses across Northern Ireland and Northern England. Focused solely on constructing 21st-century critical infrastructure, Fibrus sets itself apart as a "Full Fibre" broadband provider, guaranteeing unmatched quality and reliability with fibre optic cables directly to premises (FTTP).

Established in September 2018, Fibrus secured backing from Infracapital (M&G Investments) in July 2019. Now under Infracapital's control, known for successful full-fibre projects, Fibrus is spearheading the expansion of Full Fibre connectivity in rural and regional areas, already connecting hundreds of thousands of homes across Cumbria and all six counties in Northern Ireland. Fibrus aims to continue cementing its position as a leader in digital connectivity for underserved communities. Use our comparison tool to enter your postcode and see what's currently available in your area.

Fibrus Broadband reviews

Fibrus is well reviewed on Trustpilot, with a score steadily between 4 and 5 stars. The broadband speeds provided are top tier, with the hardware being ahead of most competitors. They also aim to be competitive on price for the service, although given the nature of the high speed service there are much cheaper options if you don't require the speed. The main downside is the limited availability in areas currently, but the network is regularly expanding.

Fibrus Broadband contact

Northern Ireland: 028 9099 3230
Great Britain: 080 0099 1111

Fibrus Broadband Router

Fibrus Broadband offers two router options: the eero 6+ for packages of 300Mbps or lower, and the eero Pro 6e for faster speeds. Additionally, you have the option to include extra eero routers for an added monthly fee, should you require expanded home network coverage.

Both routers function as mesh wifi systems, consisting of two discrete units to ensure optimal coverage for packages of 300Mbps or higher. The Full Fibre 100 package includes a single eero 6+. Both systems are high spec and would cost a significant sum if bought separately from a retailer.

How much is Fibrus Broadband per month?

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As with all broadband providers prices vary over time and there are deals on certain contracts that come and go. The lower end speeds are more competitively priced, with the top end blisteringly fast fibre speeds being more towards the top end of the market, which is to be expected. Use our comparison tool to see what deals are currently available.

Is Fibrus owned by BT?

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No, and neither does it use the BT Openreach network. Established in September 2018 by Conal Henry (Chair) and Dominic Kearns (CEO), the company secured backing from Infracapital (M&G Investments) in July 2019. Fibrus is currently under the control of Infracapital, a prominent infrastructure investor renowned for its successful track record in delivering, owning, and managing investments in full fibre broadband projects.

What network does Fibrus use?

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Unlike many providers that rely on the Openreach network and pay for access, Fibrus has established its own pure fibre network. This type of broadband, also known as FTTP, FTTH, or full fibre, stands distinct from the standard broadband found in most UK addresses.

Typically, so-called 'fibre broadband' utilises fibre optic cables only up to the street cabinet, with copper cables bridging the gap to individual homes. This technology, known as FTTC or fibre to the cabinet, only offers a maximum speed of around 70Mbps. Fibrus however, with their pure fibre, offer packages as blisteringly fast as 2000Mbps.

Is Fibrus better than BT?

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Both Fibrus and BT offer services in Northern Ireland and Northern England. Fibrus broadband delivers full fibre connections across Northern Ireland, covering approximately 40% of the region and extending into North West England. BT boasts broader coverage, reaching 87% with full fibre in Northern Ireland and approximately 38% in the UK overall, offering part-fibre connections. In summary, Fibrus broadband tends to be more economical than BT, providing faster speeds, improved uploads, and utilising a more contemporary router.

What speed is Fibrus Broadband?

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Fibrus don’t do slow broadband, with speeds of 100Mb to 2000Mb (2Gb). This is because of their own fibre to the property (FTTP) network.

Do you need a landline for Fibrus?

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No. As is becoming common with broadband packages, particularly those offering full fibre, a standard phone line isn't included or required. Should you choose to add a phone line to your package, Fibrus Talk utilises internet phone, digital phone, or VoIP (the terms are interchangeable), rather than a traditional copper wire connection to a telephone exchange.

How long does it take to install Fibrus Broadband?

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As Fibrus has its own network, each installation involves running a line from the street to your property, which can pose challenges. More urban installations typically take 10 days, rural ones about 20, but that varies as installations can vary in complexity. Additional checks or surveys may be necessary, affecting setup time.

They handle arrangements and confirm your installation date, communicating any delays. A surveyor may assess your property for optimal cabling routes, occasionally requiring prior work like civil engineering. Fibrus do aim to minimise disruption.

Can I cancel Fibrus?

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To terminate your contract, reach out to their retentions team at 028 9099 3230 and select option 3. You have the option to cancel your contract with a 30-day notice period. If you choose to cancel before your minimum contract term ends (excluding the cooling off period of 14 days from order confirmation), cancellation charges will apply for each remaining month of your package, along with any outstanding fees.