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Zen Internet

Established in 1995, Zen Internet has since become a consistently endorsed choice by Which?. In addition to providing speedy and dependable internet connections, Zen broadband subscribers benefit from various advantages, such as flexible contract durations, fixed pricing, and unrestricted downloads. While priced higher compared to certain competitors, Zen distinguishes itself through excellent customer service delivered by its team of UK-based support experts.

Zen ensures full connectivity throughout your household via its broadband services, made possible by their EveryRoom solution, ensuring a signal reaches even the farthest corners of your property. Zen boasts one of the largest independent broadband networks in the UK. Catering not only to businesses of all sizes but also providing households nationwide with speedy and reliable home internet, Zen offers a choice between standard or fiber optic broadband based on your location.

Zen Internet Review

Although Zen is too small to have an Ofcom rating, it does have a solid Trustpilot score above 4 out of 5. Opting for Zen broadband deals for your home internet comes with numerous benefits, such as:
Flexible contract options: Choose between a 12 or 18-month plan to suit your needs. Just keep in mind, there might be an exit fee if you decide to end your contract early.
Static IP address: Enjoy the convenience of accessing your computer and files from anywhere in the world, particularly advantageous for gamers and remote workers.
Price guarantee: Rest assured that the price you agree upon will remain consistent throughout the duration of your contract.
Unlimited data usage: No restrictions on your downloads, whether you're browsing or streaming content.
UK-based customer support: Receive assistance from knowledgeable experts based in the UK, ready to address any broadband-related inquiries you may have.
Complimentary router: Receive a free broadband router to optimise your connection, regardless of your chosen broadband type.

Zen Internet Broadband Phone Number

The customer technical support contact number is 01706 902 001


Who owns Zen Internet?

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Established in 1995 by Richard Tang, who transitioned from Managing Director to CEO, Zen was among the pioneering internet service providers (ISPs) accessible in the United Kingdom.

Can I get Zen Internet where I live?

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As Zen provide broadband through both ADSL and fibre, there is good coverage across the UK. You can use the postcode checker on our comparison tool to see what's available where you live.