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Hyperoptic Broadband Deals
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Hyperoptic Broadband

Hyperoptic, established in 2011, is a provider of full-fibre broadband services. It prides itself on delivering top-tier broadband speeds, with a particular emphasis on serving new build homes and urban areas. Hyperoptic has been at the forefront, pioneering the availability of gigabit speeds (exceeding 1000 MB) to households in the UK. With full fibre, Hyperoptic offers what they call symmetrical speeds on packages of 150Mbps or more. That means you can upload just as fast as you download, unlike most broadband where upload speeds are much slower than download.

Hyperoptic installation

Hyperoptic connects directly with fibre-optic cables (fibre to the property, or fttp), making sure the connection via the internet router stays solid no matter how many people in your house are online. It's the fastest broadband around because it doesn't utilise the old copper phone lines that other fibre connections still rely on to reach your house. Plus, because Hyperoptic uses its own cables, you can ditch landline rental fees if you're not using it for a house phone.

Hyperoptic router

Hyperoptic provides two Wi-Fi routers tailored to different plans: one for customers on 50Mb or 150Mb plans, and a more sophisticated router for those opting for 500Mb or higher plans. These routers come free of charge with any of Hyperoptic's broadband packages and boast advanced wireless technology for a stronger connection. Both router options employ smart channel switching to reduce interference, ensuring your connection remains stable even amidst varying environmental conditions. For comprehensive coverage across your property, you can also opt for additional equipment like a mini hub.

Hyperoptic Customer Service

Hyperoptic contact number: 0333 332 1111
Email: support@hyperoptic.com

You can also submit a form via the website or utilise the FAQs and guides to help resolve an issue. The current network status can also be checked.